{ESG} Pre-Cup Mapping Competition

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{ESG} Pre-Cup Mapping Competition

Unread postby |DSF|Keubes » Fri Dec 22, 2006 9:23 pm

To all UT99 Mappers,

We all want to keep the UT99 Sniper Community alive so we thought, why not organize a mapping competition for all the mappers who want to participate in it. The goal is to create as many new good sniper maps as possible.

The best maps 5 – 10 maps (depending on the amount of mappers that want to participate) will deserve a place in the {ESG} cup.
Our main idea about this is giving the sniping community a big impulse so it will last longer.
We all want some really good new maps so all the clans still alive in UT99 Sniping can enjoy them for the time to come.

The mapping competition will start the 1st of January and will last till 1st of March.
So all the maps have to be finished by then.
Signing up can be done until the Sunday 7th of January, this day the registration will close. The 1st of March we will place all the maps on our server (and preferably other teams will do the same). We then will create a poll on {ESG} forums where all can vote for their favourite map. This vote will be closed the 10st of March and the winner will be announced.

P.S. : Each mapper can enter maximum 2 maps. So if you think you can make 2 good maps in 2 months then that is cool also..

So all mappers who would like to see their map in the next {ESG} cup and want to help the community, sign up please by contacting Mark / {ESG}*Keubes* on msn or sending an e-mail to rsarogue@hotmail.com (also my msn address).
I will explain more then if there are any questions.
We are hoping on a big turn up of mappers… !!!


- the maps can be any kind of theme that you have in mind, as long as it will be a sniper/camper map.
- it must be big enough for 8 v 8.
- a sniper map has a lot of good spots to hide
- no punky’s/secrets (no see through walls)
- you can make spots in really dark places though, so that they are not visible, as long as you don’t have to enter them through a secret wall or you can watch out of them through a wall.
- at least 16 spawn points
- remakes of old maps are allowed, but there need to be enough changes (not just make a map darker for example).
- If you have a lack of ideas for maps… you can ask me also (I got plenty, lol)

Thanks for your interest and I hope I will receive your applications very soon.. !!

Register at http://www.esg-land.com/IPB/upload/inde ... wforum=149

Mark / {ESG}*Keubes*


Unread postby |DSF|Keubes » Thu Dec 28, 2006 5:22 pm

So far the following mappers have signed up:

NuLL (former [JAG]Co2)

Thats already 14 mappers!!!

Any [DOU] Mappers around that would be interested in entering a map also ???
All the info needed is to be find in the above post !

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